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Welcome to my website, it is a pleasure to offer you a solution to your problem of excess hair. I have been performing electrology services for over 20 years. It brings great satisfaction to see the often times life changing results that electrolysis has brought to my clients.


The primary objective of electrology is to help people improve their physical appearance and self-esteem through the permanent removal of unwanted hair. Thousands of women, men, and teens suffer from unwanted hair growth and are looking for a solution.


There are many factors within our bodies, which can play a role in the development of unwanted hair. Some of the factors are normal, biological changes that we undergo throughout our lives, such as puberty, pregnancy, and menopause. Other causes are related to glandular disorders that may cause elevated levels of androgen hormones. These hormones can be responsible for the development of superfluous hair or hirsutism.


Many people grow excess hair simply because of heredity factors, while in others, stress, emotional problems, and certain medications encourage the body's production of androgens, causing excess hair growth. The electrologist is trained to recognize hair growth patterns and outward symptoms, which may require referral to a physician, most times an endocrinologist.


The good news is that unwanted hair can be removed permanently, through electrology treatments. The treatment involves placing a sterile probe into the hair follicle and transmitting a small amount of electrical energy into the follicle. The current destroys the hair's regenerative cells, and the treated hair is then removed from the skin. Once the regenerative cells have been eliminated, there is no possible way for the hair to be reproduced.

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